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The Modern Actor's HANDBOOK

ACT cover

"Simply put, I don't think I would've found my voice as an actor without David."
Scott Speedman, actor

ACT: The Modern Actor's Handbook

ECW Press, 2021. Trade paperback

Act: The Modern Actor's Handbook is the result of 30 years of one of North America's most renowned acting teachers teaching some of the world's most talented screen actors.  This is a major new work in the screen actor's library and will be pulled off the shelf time and again to find that key into a scene, to prepare for an audition, and prove your grit as a compelling artist.

"The actor’s territory is the human heart. It is an uncharted land sometimes defended by terrifying dragons, but it also contains great glories, music and deep human truths. To the hungry actor it is the only land worthy of investigation."
Excerpt from ACT, Introduction

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