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The Zhong Fong Mystery Series

This five-book series follows Inspector Zhong Fong, Head of Special Investigations, Shanghai. The stories unfold at a pivotal moment in the city’s history. Shanghai is on the verge of an explosive resurgence that will draw foreign interests and a host of international players to its streets. Crime happens and when it happens to - or by - a foreigner, Zhong Fong is called to conduct another very special investigation. Written with intelligence and wit, the Zhong Fong Murder Mysteries are some of the most exotic police procedurals you’ll ever read.
Book 1
Shanghai Murders
The Shanghai Murders

St. Martin’s Press, NYC, 1998 – Hardcover, McArthur and Company, Toronto – Mass Market Paperback, 2002

"This awesome first novel … an excellent police procedural … wonderfully nefarious."
–Library Journal

"...Irresistibly exotic."  
–Publisher’s Weekly

"An extraordinarily accomplished mystery."

Book 2
The Lake Ching Murders

St. Martin’s Press, NYC, 2001 – Hardcover,
McArthur and Company, Toronto, 2002 – Trade Paperback

"Peeks into the subtle intricacies of Chinese society while producing a clever murder mystery."
–National Post

"Can’t Go Wrong with Fong"
–The Toronto Sun

Lake Ching Murders
Hua Shan Hospital Murders
The Hua Shan Hospital Murders

McArthur and Company, Toronto, 2003


"A fascinating journey into a remarkable culture."
–Ottawa Citizen

"Wit, intelligence and imagination have become standard in the works of David Rotenberg."
–The Halifax Chronicle-Herald

"This is the third book in this wonderful series."

–Globe & Mail

Book 4
The Hamlet Murders

McArthur and Company, Toronto, 2003

"Rotenberg has a real talent for characterization and place, taking readers right into the urban heart of Shanghai, with its 18 million people and conflicts between tradition and modernization."
–Globe & Mail

Hamlet Murders
Book 5
Golden Mountain Murders
The Golden Mountain Murders

McArthur and Company, Toronto, 2005

Zhong Fong’s Office of Special Investigations uncovers a blood-trafficking racket that reaches beyond China and onto the streets of Vancouver, where he must face a man who holds an old and lethal grudge.   

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